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My name is Kaije (pronounced "cage") and I love to make music. I've been playing guitar since I was 8 and writing songs ever since.

Check out some of my more popular tracks here:

 Electric feel

Looping cover




My name is Kaije Tucker (pronounced "cage") and I'm a musician who lives in Oceanside, CA

It all started with a guitar. It wasn’t really a great one, either - the strings were rusted and the wood was warped and it wouldn’t stay in tune. I was 8 years old and my grandfather gave it to me because I was obsessed with the beautiful Gibson he played. He didn’t think much of it, just something cool to give a kid. But it meant everything to me and I was determined to learn to play it.

I spent my days on the floor of my room learning the chords, strumming along with the radio or old cassettes or CDs I could find. We didn’t have a lot of money, but my parents could see how much music meant to me, so they invested what they could in a better guitar, an electric. I couldn’t wait to join a band, and I spent the rest of my high school years caring about nothing else in the world.

After high school I joined the Air Force, where I learned Chinese and spent several months in Iraq. These were defining years, I made many great friends from all over the world, and lost some of them to the war.

But through it all, I never stopped playing music. Creating and performing music is who I am, and I knew that if I didn’t pursue it I’d never feel complete. So I left the military and moved to California.

I’m performing regularly around Southern California. My show is an exciting mix of covers and originals, looped with danceable beats and some guitar leads here and there. It’s a great time, so check my schedule and come see me live!




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